Admission And Transportation Information For Giant’s Causeway

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The Giant’s Causeway is a natural formation that has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists come from all over the world to see the structures that resembles pillars. Many of the rocks are geometric in shape.

One Irish legend sates that the causeway was built by two giants, one from Ireland and one from Scotland. Another legend says that the causeway was built by the pagan heroes of old and that time destroyed it. Scientists found that the causeway was a unique formation formed by a volcano. No matter what you Read more…

What Makes Holiday Cottage The Highlight Of National Trusts

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The Giant’s Causeway is located in Northern Ireland and continues to be the top destination for travelers. This unique area of Ireland was formed by ancient volcanic eruption. The result is a Natural Nature Reserve maintained by The Department of the Environment For Northern Ireland. This reserve brings visitors from all over the world. The Chimney Stacks and Giant’s Boots are thought to be millions of years old. You will find a unique blend of magnificent seascapes and enchanting land. There are a variety of hotels nearby for your Read more…

Before Your Giant Trip can Begin

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We have spoken a lot about the Giant’s Causeway, that massive railway in Northern Ireland. However, unless you’re a local, you’ll need more than a day to get out there and experience it. That means setting some time aside and doing a little more than just locking the door.

I don’t normally write this sort of thing, but my neighbor recently had their home broken into while they were on vacation. That got me to thinking about how often we, as homeowners, leave things up to chance because we’re just so eager to get the heck away from the ordinary.

However, it pays to take the necessary precautions regardless of whether you’re going to see the Giant’s Causeway or the Giant Great Wall of China. So, here are some tips, just for today, on things you can do to leave the home safe and secure:

For starters, don’t go talking about your trip on social media. That means no Facebook status messages saying things like “On my way to the Giant’s Causeway” and no itineraries – especially if your channel is set to public. You should also make sure someone is taking care of your mail be it the neighbor or the carrier itself.

Experience The Beauty of WhitePark Bay

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If you are seeking a picturesque view of the Atlantic Ocean, then Whitepark Bay has just what you desire. Naturalists will love the unique landscapes and gorgeous scenery. The entire atmosphere is peaceful and serene. It is an excellent opportunity to get away from the hectic and face-paced life of the city. Many people have used this charming area to inspire their creative talents.

Although the strong currents make swimming non-existent, the rumbling waves still promote a relaxing mind-state. Have fun with the family by Read more…

How Giant Causeway Caters To People With Disabilities

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Individuals with physical disabilities know how challenging a simple outing can be, and many businesses and public places do not put forth an effort to make their establishment as accessible for disabled people as they should.

If you are planning a trip to Ireland and are interested in experiencing Giant’s Causeway, you might be a bit concerned about whether your disability will be an issue for you during your visit. Unfortunately, information about disabled access at different tourist attractions Read more…

The Features Of The Giant Causeway Visitor Center

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Partially tucked below ground, the Giant Causeway Visitor Center is an architectural introduction to this unique area. The building seems to fold into the environment, accentuating the beauty of Ireland’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The earth sheltered building is surrounded by models of the area’s famous basalt columns. One special delight of the visitor center is the roof. It’s a meadow of native grass species. This beauty is also functional. It integrates the building into its surroundings and provides habitat for wildlife and birds.

Within the cocoon Read more…

The Four Stunning Trails Of Giant Causeway

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The Giant’s Causeway, located in Northern Ireland, is made up of volcanic eruptions that happened 60 million years ago. Hexagonal shaped formations made up of basalt rock now line the coast and have become a popular tourist destination. While the breathtaking views and rock formations are the main focal point, the legend that comes with the Causeway is equally entertaining and plays into several of the different rock formations. With the opening of the new Visitor Center, there are four newly upgraded trails that go around the Causeway. There are trails for all Read more…

Overview Of Tourist Information For Giant Causeway

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Formed nearly 60,000,000 years ago by volcanic ash and lava, the Giant Causeway is an ideal location for a summer holiday. The beautiful coastline is a major part of Ireland’s heritage and is an attraction to visitors worldwide. With 40,000 interlocking hexagonal basalt columns and the beauty of the land, visiting the Causeway is an exceptional experience

The Giant Causeway has multiple trails to enjoy during your trip. Whether you are focused on hiking or strolling along the paths, the trails offer Read more…

A Sneak Peak Of The Grab And Go Cafe’

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The Grab and Go Cafe in Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway is where visitors can purchase a quick cappuccino, brewed black tea or other hot drinks, expertly prepared pastries or a bowl of classic Irish Stew. Although the cafe is renowned for its North Coast Seafood Chowder, the menu is varied and has something for any preference. Locally-sourced regional cuisine keeps visitors nourished and satisfied as they explore the natural wonders of the Giant Causeway. Chocolate giants are also among the confectionery delights of the Gran and Go Cafe.

The Giant Causeway is a Read more…